Neighborhood Muslim
About Neighborhood MuslimServing the Muslim community one business at a time.

About us

Neighborhood Muslim was founded in 2019 with a single goal, to help people find great local businesses, restaurants, markets, schools, mosques, etc. With that in mind, we created a platform that supports Muslim businesses while making it easier for our end users to search easier.

Our goals are simple, help businesses get discovered while making it easier for our users. Our platform allows owners/managers of restaurants, businesses, mosques, schools, etc. to control their own listing while having the ability to communicate with their clients.

Our users have the ability to leave a review for any listing, as long as it does not violate our terms and conditions. Our goal is to make this a safe and clean platform with constructive feedback. We pride ourselves for being a user-friendly and business-friendly platform.

As Neighborhood Muslim grows, so will the features. Neighborhood Muslim uses complicated algorithms to search for specific listings for the user.

As you have realized, we currently do not show any advertisements on our platform. We plan to keep it advertisement free as of now.