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At Neighborhood Muslim, we are dedicated to serving the needs of the Ummah with our suite of technological solutions. From mobile apps aimed at enriching the lives of Muslims, to online ordering and website management for Muslim establishments, we are committed to bringing convenience and connectivity to our Muslim brothers and sisters, providing the tools and resources they need to thrive in their faith and their communities.


Online Ordering Made Easy

Discover the convenience of online ordering with Neighborhood Muslim. With our user-friendly platform, customers can browse local Muslim restaurants, select their favorite dishes, and place orders with ease. Real-time notifications keep them informed, from order confirmation to delivery status. Behind the scenes, our  dashboard enables owners/operators to administer all aspects of the online ordering process. Menus, orders, and revenue are easily managed within the dashboard to ensure worry-free operations. 

Real-Time Notifications

When you place an order, you and the restaurant receive real-time notifications, keeping you both informed every step of the way. You’ll know when your order is confirmed, prepared, and ready for pickup, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience for everyone.

Hassle-Free Ordering

Experience the ultimate convenience with our hassle-free online ordering platform. Order from local Muslim restaurants, receive real-time notifications, and enjoy special promotions – all with the ease of a few clicks. Support local businesses effortlessly.

Restaurant Management

Our streamlined and intuitive restaurant management dashboard makes overseeing your business a breeze. With a clean and user-friendly interface, you can efficiently manage orders, track orders, and keep your restaurant operations running smoothly.

Case Studies

Charcoal Zyka – A Recipe for Success

Food & Drinks

Learn how we successfully managed Charcoal Zyka’s website and online ordering platform, leading to substantial revenue growth. Explore our collaborative journey, strategies employed, and the remarkable results achieved in website management and streamlining online orders for this thriving business.

What We Offer

At Neighborhood Muslim, we take pride in offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the unique needs of our neighborhood’s Muslim community. Our Deen App serves as an all-encompassing spiritual companion, providing easy access to the Quran, daily prayer times, a curated collection of Duas, and a convenient directory for discovering local Muslim businesses. Our Adhan App brings precise prayer times to your residence, facilitating a consistent prayer schedule.

For local restaurants, our online ordering platform streamlines order management, ensuring they receive orders and payments efficiently. Additionally, our expert web development services are designed to bring websites into the 21st century for a variety of Muslim businesses, including restaurants, mosques, and other entities. At Neighborhood Muslim, we are committed to simplifying daily life, fostering meaningful connections, and enriching the spiritual journey of our neighborhood’s Muslim residents and entrepreneurs.

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“The steadfast support of Neighborhood Muslim has been a cornerstone of our success. Their enthusiastic embrace of our website and online ordering platform has not only contributed significantly to our revenue growth but has also deepened the sense of partnership within our community.
We truly cherish the trust they’ve placed in our services, which has been a catalyst for our continual innovation and improvement. In working closely with Neighborhood Muslim, we view our relationship as a genuine partnership, with their feedback and engagement playing a crucial role in refining our offerings.

Our collaboration extends beyond business. It’s about building a strong, interconnected community together, where the needs and preferences of our vibrant community are at the forefront of what we do.

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