Adhan By NM

Transform your old tablet into a dedicated Adhan Tablet, enhancing your prayer experience with accurate prayer times and notifications. Make the most of your existing device by turning it into a stationary prayer companion, ensuring you never miss a prayer.


Prayer Times

Celebrate the tranquility of home with our At-Home Tablet for Prayer Times. Transform your space into a sanctuary for prayer with accurate and dependable notifications, ensuring your devotion remains uninterrupted.

Multiple Adhans

Immerse yourself in the beauty of diverse recitations with our app’s multiple Adhans feature. Experience the soul-stirring call to prayer from different voices, enhancing the spiritual atmosphere and enriching your devotion. Choose the Adhan that resonates with your heart, creating a unique and personalized prayer experience.

Beautiful Layout

Enhance your spiritual journey with our app’s exquisite collection of beautiful backgrounds. Immerse yourself in a serene ambiance as you read, recite, and engage with the Quran. The captivating visuals create an atmosphere of tranquility and reflection, elevating your spiritual experience.